3 Websites to help you prepare for finals

College level courses are rough. It doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of highschool or if you are headed back to college as an adult. Personally for me, the hardest classes for pass are the ones that are science and math based. Over several years of studying I have found 3 separate websites that have really helped me prepare for exams and finals, which I want to share with my readers because everyone deserves to pass their classes.

  1. – Quizlet has been great for a multitude of reasons. This website allows you to do a multitude of things. Firstly – it allows you to create any amount of flashcards needed for any chapter or class. Secondly – not only will it drill you on these flashcards but it will do it in a variety of ways. Thirdly – Not only are you able to make your own flash card set but the website also allows you to access other people’s flashcards sets regarding the same topic or any topic that you would like to learn about.
  2. – While it has similar aspects to quizlet in the way of flashcards, chegg also allows you to rent any textbook you may need and that they have available along with other books that might help you to learn about the topic of your choice.
  3. –  This one is probably my favorite to be honest. This website has just about every subject at every level you might need. Not only do they have multiple videos that explain every problem you need to know but they also have multiple practice problems with videos on how to do them and hints. All of these are extremely helpful.

All of these websites have been helpful in passing classes that I have struggled with in the past. I would highly recommend these websites for college students and possibly for even for children who are having a hard time understanding concepts. Being homeschooled myself, I have found these to be incredibly helpful and useful in the learning of new concepts. Have any tips? Feel free to share them below.

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Childhood Consequences

I don’t have children. Don’t let that stop you from reading thought.

I’ve heard many people say that those who don’t have children shouldn’t have an opinion about parenting and the techniques utilized. They say that those who have no children know nothing. Let me be clear why I’m qualified for this post. I have 7 nieces and nephews, I have nannied for several years, I have grown up watching other peoples children and their parenting styles and I choose not to have children at this point in my life. I also believe that I’m qualified to speak on this topic because I choose not to have children.

I choose not to have children not because I dislike children but it’s a huge investment of time and money. It’s an investment that I’m not ready to make. People always say that someone who didn’t do what they did or the way the did it shouldn’t speak on an issue but there are many ways to do one thing. And just because someone failed at something the first time shouldn’t disqualify them. No one is perfect.

Many parents no longer teach their child to behave. There is no discipline. The issue with this is that then the child becomes an unreasonable little monster. You know what’s super funny to me, everytime I am around a child who won’t listen to their parents (provided I know the child) I will set a boundary for them. They never cross it with me. I have looked at children and told them “You will not get Ice Cream whine one more time.” It’s incredible – they clam right up and pause before they say anything more. I’m not saying that parents need to use force or they need to start spanking. What I’m talking about is basic discipline – there are consequences and rewards for every action.

Here are some ideas to get them started:

  • Every action needs a CONSISTENT consequence.
  • Every consequence must be reachable no matter where you are located.
  • Every good deed needs to be noticed and praised or rewarded.
  • Every reward must be tangible no matter where you are located.

It’s really very simple when you think about it. It’s similar to when you have to work, you show up late – there is a consequence. You work hard and do your job properly – you have a reward (maybe not right away but you still have a job and that is a reward).

The consequences can be something as simple as standing in the corner, or be as much as taking away something. But you have to do it every time. Without consistency, you cannot have respect, from either your child or other people.

Here’s the basic memo – the lack of parenting in the world has lead to an increase in entitled little monsters. Don’t add to the burdens of the world, take time to be a parent and actually invest in something that will stay with your children forever. Teach them to have manners and discipline.

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If you have children or nanny at all then you will have a pretty good concept map in your mind about what it means to be obedient. As a nanny, when I think obedience – I expect first time obedience. When it is said you go do it. That is what my parents taught me and it’s what I have come to think of when I think obedience.

Lately I’ve been wondering what obedience to God would look like, besides the obvious. This was brought to my mind when I was reading The Pursuit by Lori Wick, yes I enjoy Christian romance novels. In this story the main character stated:

“I can think of God as my savior and even my friend, but I must never forget that He is God, and after He saves me, I must put myself into subjection to Him and His will.”

Just ponder that for a moment. He’s a savior and a friend, But he is God!

****Reality Check****

When we get saved – we are not only letting him into our hearts but we are agreeing to follow him and live a life that is worthy of His name. 


Ok – It is one thing for me to say it and another thing for me to show it – here we go from the Bible!

  1. Matthew 12:50 tells us “For whoever does the will of my father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

While this seems like an odd and sort of hard to comprehend verse – I believe it’s really quite simple. Message: Doing God’s will draws us closer to him and closer to knowing Christ.

Think about it like this – we receive the Holy Spirit when we become believers. When we walk with God it makes it easier to walk in the Spirit. This doesn’t mean we don’t struggle but that it’s easier. Walking in the Spirit and following with complete obedience to God does mean that we draw close, learn his will, and act upon it. The benefits are knowing him more and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

2. John 10:27 “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

I grew up in a farming town. I helped on a sheep farm – largest east of the Mississippi – over 8,000 female sheep alone (This doesn’t include the babies – expect each female to have at least 1, maybe 2; and the males). Every morning the farmer would walk out to his sheep and say a word that sounded like “good-day”; he would say this over and over while the sheep followed him to the feeding trough. When I said it they ran away. They knew the farmer.

This verse spoke to me greatly, because of the symbolism. Here’s what I believe God said to me via this verse:

  • We are sheep. Follow with me – not only is he using symbolism for believers to be sheep but we really are. Sheep are stupid. It just takes one stupid sheep to run into the road and the whole flock follows. Humans are sheep – not trying to be mean but it’s true. It just takes one leader and the whole flock follows. Think about it – Hitler (one leader) and the holocaust happened; None of his followers questioned if it was right or wrong, blind obedience. God is asking that we be obedient to his word. That is why we have the Bible. If you think something is of God – Pray and Seek his word before you act! 
  • The only way to really know God is to follow him closely. Not only do the sheep in this verse know his name but they follow him. Fun Fact – the disciples followed Christ so closely they were in his dust. Maybe that’s what we need to aim for – listen, not just hear but listen to God and then accept his will and act on it in obedience to him. Obedience will draw us closer to him.
  • If we follow him in obedience – we will be able to tell when it is his voice and when it isn’t. We will know the truth. If sheep hear their shepherd daily, they know him. If we walk and live in obedience to God daily, we will know him. Obedience to God’s commands will help us discern truth from lies.

3. John 14:15 “If you love me you will keep my commandments.”

When you love your child, you want them to obey you not because you are power-hungry (at least I hope that isn’t the reason), but because you are trying to do what is right for them. You are trying to help them not get hurt and be the best person they can be. You teach them through obedience that they can trust you because you have their best interests at heart.

  • God has our best interests at heart. He wishes nothing but good for you and that is why he asks that we keep his commandments. When you love someone you trust them. If we love God, we trust God, and we live out his commandments as best we can.

4. John 14:23 “Jesus answered him ‘If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.”

Lets start basic – If we love him, we will keep his word. Obedience. This will result in two things:

  • The father will love him. Obedience results in blessings. That being said it doesn’t always mean immediate or physical blessings – ok? But it will result in blessings in your life.
  • You will have a better knowledge of the Holy Spirit. Jesus says they will make their home with you. I believe this to mean that you will have an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life. You will understand when the Spirit is guiding you better.

5. Romans 13:1 “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.”

This one is hard. Being subject to governing authorities….. everyone loves this verse (total sarcasm). Lets start small:

  • All authorities are placed in power by God. He allows rulers to be elected or placed in power and he removes them – only in his timing. Which means, to me, that the current president of the United States of America, was allowed by God to be placed into that station. It also means that, my husband was placed into the leadership role of our household by God.
  • We are to be subject to the governing authorities. Obedient. Subject. Respectful. Follow the laws as long as they don’t go against God and his teaching.
    • Daniel is great example of this. He was subject, obedient, and respectful to King Darius but when Darius said “worship only me”, Daniel knew it was going against God. That is where he drew the line.
    • Abigail was married to Nabal. She lived with a difficult man and was subject to him in respectful obedience. When he snubbed King David and it would cost the family their lives, then Abigail stepped up and respectfully changed King Davids mind –  that saved her family.


Final Thoughts:

  • When we accept Christ we not only accept that he saved us but we are committing to a new way of life – a life in subjection to his will.
  • The more we follow God the more we will understand his will and understand when the Spirit is talking to us.
  • We are to be obedient to God first and second to authorities placed above us.

Have feed back or questions – please leave a comment. God bless.

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Patience, Dear One….

“I don’t have time for this.” I spewed, totally exasperated with my family. Tossing my phone onto my bed, I stomped away. My husband looked at me and said “Relax, babe. be Patient.” There it was again – that word that has haunted my life for a long time.

Patience. One word that always makes your skin bristle just a bit. It’s like the word “Submit”. You read it in the Bible and your flesh has an immediate reaction to it, faster than a gluten-intolerant person eating bread. If you live in the United States of America – being patient isn’t something that is practiced. In the age of Amazon, Google, and the internet – learning to wait for something is unnecessary. Ours is a culture that has become accustomed to having everything now.

Here’s why I decided to research patience in the Bible – Everyone always compliments me on it when I am calm and things are going my way, but no one ever says I have it when difficult circumstances hit.

It’s a fruit of the Spirit – I’m supposed to have it right? So I decided to do a word search for verses discussing it in the Bible – there had to be something I was missing about being patient. Sure enough – I think there’s a bit I originally missed.

Here’s what I have learned:

If you do a word search for “patience” in the Bible – you will find out that all the verses are almost always piggy-backed with the term perseverance or suffering. All of the verses talk about waiting patiently for the Lord and he will…. remove or adjust the suffering. This leads me to believe:

  1. That patience isn’t just about waiting when it’s easy to wait. It’s about waiting when it’s hard to wait. When it’s easy – everyone does it. It isn’t a problem to seem patient and kind when things are going your way but it is hard when things aren’t going your way.
  2. It is best shown as a fruit of the spirit when it is under persecution or suffering. Think about it – if it was easy and you didn’t need to have it during suffering – even atheists would have patience. Then there would be no difference between believers and non-believers, how would Christ be glorified in that?

Ok – Verses to show you what I mean:

  1. Job 23: 10-12 – The Summary of Job is that God allows everything to be taken from Job – his home, family, friends, health….. pretty much everything but his life. Job remains faithful to God. So immediately we see suffering.

The verses say “But he knows the way that I take; When he has tried me, I shall come out as gold. My foot has held fast to his steps; I have kept his way and have not turned aside. I have not departed from the commandment of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my portion of food.”

What I love about these verses is that immediately Job acknowledges that God knows the way and that he is allowing what is happening to happen.

Second – Job makes the point that God will produce Jobs character to be as gold.

Gold has to go through a lot of heat to get purified. 

I want you to sit on that for a minute. A Lot of Heat to be Purified. Sometimes things happen that we don’t want or like – think of it as being purified.

Third – Job states that he hasn’t and will not turn aside from Gods ways; he treasures Gods words and values them more than food. While this speaks more to faithfulness than patience, but I think it is an eye opener. Joyce Meyers makes a point in one of her podcasts about patience that it isn’t just about waiting but what you do while you wait that makes the difference.

Being Faithful to God while you wait is Patience.

2. Psalms 40:1-3 ” I waited patiently for the Lord; He inclined to me and heard my cry. He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord.”

I love these verses. I stumbled upon them several years ago when I was really struggling with depression.

Everywhere in the Bible – God says to cry out to him. He also makes a point to talk about those who did so and how he listened to them. I would like to note that he never promises to act immediately. With Hannah in 2 Samuel – He waited years. She cried out to him many times and he waited years. She was patient and faithful. Many characters in the Bible – they Pray and ask and wait for years while they endure.

Patience seems like it is continually walking with God even when nothing changes when we want it to. 

3. Isaiah 40:31 But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.”

This verse brings imagery into my mind. Think of a person who has gone into physical rehabilitation – they can’t really walk and they grow weary/faint when they do so too long. They have to renew their strength by practicing exercises and consistently working muscles to grow up to what they were.

When you wait for God – You have to patiently and faithfully dedicate yourself to practicing his word so that when he tells you – you can run the race for the Gospel. Anyone who exercises will tell you that they don’t run marathons overnight – it takes self-control, faithfulness and patience to get where they are to do it.

4. Romans 5:3-5 “Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”

Think – we practice faithfulness to God during suffering, And we rejoice, because it produces endurance – an endurance to run the race for Christ, which produces character – More fruits of the Spirit and a character that stands out, which gives us hope and we will not be put to shame!


5. James 1: 2-4 “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” 

We are to count it joy when we have trials. You always hear stories of people who lose their spouses or people who are homeless or have nothing who say “it’s ok because God is still good.” They are counting it a blessing and a joy to have the trial. You know what they will have when they are done – STEADFASTNESS.

Think of Steadfastness as – faithfulness, stick-to-it-ness. The ability to hold fast to what they believe and know. They will have perseverance. Which will aid in the growth of becoming perfect and complete (don’t trip over that too much – it’s a stepping stone in that direction.).


In Summary, here’s what I have learned about patience:

  • It isn’t how long you wait – it’s what you do while you wait.
  • You have to excercise your faith while you wait so that you can run the race when it is time.
  • it produces faithfulness, steadfastness, and if you practice it – praising through trials
  • You will have renewed strength when it passes
  • People will arise and glorify God by witnessing your story
  • You will come out as gold.
  • It is a stepping stone for perfection and completion in Christ.

I hope this helps you all understand patience like it helped me. As always – feel free to leave a prayer request or question. God Bless.

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How To Cope With Burn Out

Everyone knows what the term “burn-out” is. If you have worked in the medical field you are especially familiar with it. Why? Because it happens most within medical professionals. Think about it – doctors, nurses, caregivers – they give 110% (at least the good ones do) to their patients – every moment of everyday they have them in their care. This is why you see shows picture parents who can’t take care of their children, who have disabilities, anymore. They get burned out.

It is not limited to the medical professionals though. Anyone can become burned out. Students, teachers, engineers. Burn-out isn’t picky. This past semester I experienced probably the strongest sense of Burn-out I have ever had in a long time. And after going through it – here are the ways I learned to cope.

  1. Work Out – This hits the top of my list because I stopped doing it and when I started again I immediately noticed a large difference in my own mindset. To quote Elle from Legally Blonde “Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!”. Now I don’t go running, my workouts are boxing or yoga (yep I pendulum swing). When I’m angry I find hitting a bag helps a lot and when I need to relax – Yoga is the key. I recommend continuing your exercise or starting to exercise as one of the best ways to cope with burn-out.
  2. Hygge – If nothing else from this blog you all will remember this word for life! Hygge – meaning take time to do you. Relax with a book and decompress. Get a cup of tea or hot chocolate and simple take time for you. This is so important because you can feel pressure to just always be on the go! Don’t fall into the trap – take time to rest. Even God rested 1 time a week.
  3. Pace Yourself – If you feel like burn-out is at your doorstep then maybe it’s time to give up something. You don’t have to be superwoman/superman all the time. Think of it this way – It would be better for you to do 1 or 2 things and do them well then to do many things – half-assed. It’s ok to prioritize and triage your own life. Sometimes it’s necessary.

I wish I would have thought about these items sooner. Maybe I wouldn’t be repeating a class for school next semester then, but life has a way of teaching lessons whether we want them or not. I’m hoping you (my readers) will learn from my mistake on this one and maybe avoid your own burn-out or somehow learn to walk the tightrope until you are better.

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5 Tips for being a Successful Nanny

I have to admit that while I don’t currently desire to have any children of my own, I do enjoy being a nanny. I watch two boys Monday – Friday and while they have great days most of the time, occasionally we have bad ones too. I’ve picked up a few useful tips on how to deal with these days because at 6 years and 9 years old, I can’t cope with the behavior the way I would out of an 2 or 3-year-old. Both boys have different disabilities and it makes dealing with the behavior an interesting maze of actions and reactions.

  1. Listen – Sometimes all they really just need me to do is listen to what they are saying and sympathize with them about it. A lot of the time I don’t even have to say anything. Sometimes they talk about school or their dreams of becoming a motocross star or game system creator, but other times they talk about food they like or how rough their day was. No matter what they talk about, I try to listen and sympathize.
  2. Consistency People really underestimate how much children need consistency, especially kids with disabilities. It gives them something dependable in their life. I try to always have dinner ready at 5pm. We always do homework at a specific time. Things like this make it easier for them to anticipate what I’m going to ask them to do and it makes it easier for me when I have to tell them what to do.
  3. Discipline – I am never going to tell you to physically discipline someone elses child. I would never do that myself. When I talk about discipline I am referring to actions and consequences. Allowing children to grow up in a world without consequences does nothing for their moral compass or for their ability to learn about responsibility. Example: The 6-year-old that I nanny decided he would try to deceive me yesterday and not come do homework when I told him to. He likes to come home and watch Minecraft videos on YouTube. Normally, I let him finish his video before doing his homework – it’s annoying as an adult to be interrupted from a video, so I imagine as a child it’s harder to focus. Today, however, when I picked him up from school he came in and asked me where his Ipad was – I told him “You tried to decieve me and not be responsible yesterday. The consequence is that you lose the right to decide when we are going to do homework until I see responsibility again. We are going to do homework right now.” He was less than pleased to say the least. However, now he knows that he can’t do that.
  4. Find Something Special – As a nanny, you have to know when to have fun. You also need to know when to find something that can be special for you and the kids. While consistency is awesome and very necessary, on the really bad days (most of the time it’s because it was a bad day at school) I do something a bit different. We’ve made cookies, french toast for dinner, roasted s’mores over candles, and decided on a small party for christmas.
  5. Teach Independence – This doubles with discipline as they have to learn to do things on their own. The 9-year-old is my best example – each day I pick him up from school and we talk about what homework he has for the day and what is due for the week. He has 1 book report each week so he can have special privileges at school on Friday. I might ask him each day if he wants to do it but I tell him “It’s due on Thursday, so you decide what day you will do it and which works best for you.” I also tell him that he has to do his homework before dinner and shower after dinner. He has the capability of choosing what time he does those and by the time I leave each night – he has them done. This allows him moderate responsibility and teaches him to be independent and rely on me and his mother less. I find this to be very important especially when they are young because the world is not going to remind you of what you need to do when and your mom will not want to take care of her adult son. For the younger boy this might look like me telling him to take a shower and wash his hair – I choose the time but he does it himself.

Overall, I try to have fun as a nanny. We joke and laugh and have a good time, but at the end of the day – their parents are paying me to not only take care of the boys but also to give them life skills. I honestly believe that each of these tips helps me be a better nanny and helps the boys grow. Being a nanny can be like a dictatorship but most of the time it’s really more like a democracy and a bit of give and take.