3 Websites to help you prepare for finals

College level courses are rough. It doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of highschool or if you are headed back to college as an adult. Personally for me, the hardest classes for pass are the ones that are science and math based. Over several years of studying I have found 3 separate websites that have really helped me prepare for exams and finals, which I want to share with my readers because everyone deserves to pass their classes.

  1. – Quizlet has been great for a multitude of reasons. This website allows you to do a multitude of things. Firstly – it allows you to create any amount of flashcards needed for any chapter or class. Secondly – not only will it drill you on these flashcards but it will do it in a variety of ways. Thirdly – Not only are you able to make your own flash card set but the website also allows you to access other people’s flashcards sets regarding the same topic or any topic that you would like to learn about.
  2. – While it has similar aspects to quizlet in the way of flashcards, chegg also allows you to rent any textbook you may need and that they have available along with other books that might help you to learn about the topic of your choice.
  3. –  This one is probably my favorite to be honest. This website has just about every subject at every level you might need. Not only do they have multiple videos that explain every problem you need to know but they also have multiple practice problems with videos on how to do them and hints. All of these are extremely helpful.

All of these websites have been helpful in passing classes that I have struggled with in the past. I would highly recommend these websites for college students and possibly for even for children who are having a hard time understanding concepts. Being homeschooled myself, I have found these to be incredibly helpful and useful in the learning of new concepts. Have any tips? Feel free to share them below.

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