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5 Easy Tips on How to Write a Great Essay!

Now, I’m not going to tell you that I’m an enlish major – because I’m not. I’m a nursing major, but I have written my fair share of essays and I have always gotten atleast a B+ or better on them by using these 5 tips:

  1. Brainstorm – even if it’s a prepicked topic from your college professor, brainstorm! Why? Because creativity is key. You need to stand out from the pack. Find a new way to put a spin on that topic that none of your classmates will think of! Use as much or as little paper as you need – do not limit yourself. Personally I enjoy using a Whiteboard – I can write and erase as needed and if it’s big enough – it makes a great way to step back and actually see it from a different angle – no pun intended.
  2. Outline –  I cannot stress this one enough! I have multiple friends who try to do it in one sit down and even when your brain is working at high power – it is almost impossible to do. Outline your paragraphs/main points all the way down to each sentence. This is especially important if you are new to writing in english. If people would do this then they would be able to sit down and write out an essay in a matter of 30 min.
  3. Watch your verbs – Always use strong verbs. When writing an essay do not use helping verbs. Use strong action verbs.
  4. Use your resources – People always think that they can do quotes and research off the internet. The internet is full of unreliable sources however. Use the library – it’s free, it has free resources – the librarians will be more then happy to point you in the write direction. Even alot of colleges have free libraries so if you are in highschool – start making use of the local college libraries.
  5. Check your self before you wreck yourself – Always proof read your essay atleast 3 times. The first time read it aloud – mark it up with a colored pen. Go do something else and then come back and read it a second time – silently. The third time – read it aloud again. The best way to find the errors in your writing is to read aloud. You get a sense of how your essay will sound outloud.

These are the best 5 tips I have to writing an excellent essay. While they won’t make it perfect they are my immediate go to’s anytime I have to write for college. I would also recommend getting into the right headspace to write – get a beverage, go to the bathroom before hand, turn on music that has no lyrics (like film scores). All of these will help your creativity flow and you to be able to sit for a while before you start writing. Any tips you would like to share? send them to me or leave a comment!

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